EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi Say Mandela’s 27 Years In Prison Was A Waste Of Time As He Sold Out After Prison.
23 December 2020
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Nelson Mandela with Robert Mugabe

If this were a football game, one could say that Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has just gone in with a two-footed tackle. The EFF Commissar has sparked a fierce debate online, after arguing that Nelson Mandela ‘wasted’ his 27 years behind bars.

The EFF representative argues that the former president ‘sold out’ when he agreed a deal with the apartheid government. He accuses Madiba of failing to understand racism, suggesting that the memory of man does nothing to confront ‘white supremacy’. Ndlozi, who denounced the Springboks’ World Cup triumph last year, is no stranger to controversy.


“I think the truly wasted years are the 27 years that resulted in an empty reconciliation deal. In Mandela’s memory, blacks are silenced in the false hope to appeal to the morality of whites! It will be 27 years next, that morality is nowhere! What exactly do we gain by remembering Mandela? In what way does it help us confront white supremacy?”

“How does it help black people earn respect & dignity in the eyes of whites in farms? Why cling to a memory that renders blacks into docility in the face of white supremacy?”

“Mandela once said he fought against black domination… this was at the height of apartheid. Where in the world have black people dominated as ‘blacks’? For by definition, to be ‘black’ meant to be under white subjugation. The man never understood the racism problem… shame!”

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi