42 Days In Prison Without Trial For Allan Moyo: This Is Totally Unacceptable!
17 January 2021
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Today marks exactly 42 days of pre-trial incarceration for student leader and MDC Alliance Harare West Youth Assembly member, Allan Moyo.

Allan’s only crime that has seen him spent close to two months in the dark dungeons of Harare Remand Prison is simply demanding an end to unbridled corruption.

To Allan, the student community and all progressive young people, looting of the national cake by a few elite directly and adversely affect the underfunded education sector.

As the MDC Alliance Youth Assembly, we strongly condemn the unjustifiable, cruel and senseless persecution by incarceration of our fellow comrade, Allan Moyo.

The continued caging of Allan at a filthy prison facility as if he is a criminal is totally unacceptable and detestable!

It is saddening that a common criminal and gold smuggler, Henrietta Rushwaya who was arrested way before Allan Moyo’s incarceration is already breathing fresh air whilst an innocent student leader is rotting in jail.

This is the kind of barbarian justice citizens are faced with inside Emmerson Mnangagwa’s not so ‘New Dispensation’.

As young progressive social democrats for which justice is one of our pillars, we want to make it clear that the continued incarceration of Allan Moyo is the worst form of provocation we can not fathom.

We regard any form of abuse and injustice on one of our own as a clear declaration of war .

We demand for the unconditional release of Allan Moyo as a matter of urgency!

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson

Allen Moyo