RG’s Office Clarifies On Passport Applications
13 March 2021
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By A Correspondent- The Registrar General’s (RG’s) Office in Bulawayo has said citizens who applied for passports before the end of February 2019 should collect their travelling documents as they are now ready.

This was confirmed by Bulawayo Provincial Registrar Jane Peters on Thursday. She said:

We now have passports for those people who applied for travel documents up to the end of February 2019.

Members of the public who applied for passports before the said period should come and collect their documents.

We are now having a filing challenge because of these uncollected passports.

Peters added that they were only attending to a limited number of people in line with the Government’s coronavirus containment measures. She said:

From the 4 to 18 January we already had bookings so within this period we are trying to clear those bookings before we could accept new people that are coming in.

At the moment we are dealing with external applications and we are handling a very limited number of applications.

The demand is high for our services but due to Covid-19 containment measures, we are constrained.

We can’t attend to all the people that need the service. We are attending to a specific number of applicants per day.

The Registrar General’s Office has been battling with a passport backlog that had reached 200 000.-statemedia