Brown Snake In Joana, Cecilia’s Prison Cell: What’s Going On?
16 March 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|There are disturbing reports of a huge snake that crept into Joana Mamombe and Cecilia Chimbiri’s prison cell at Chikurubi Maximum Prison.

There was confusion, fear and anxiety at Chikurubi Maximum Prison on Sunday when the reptile crept into Hon Mamombe and Cecilia Chimbiri’s prison cell.

The reptile poked its head through a hole at the rooftop…

On noticing it, the two screamed over and over, and the officers casually said they were calling the National Parks Department for help.

Nat Parks never came.
Reacting to this, the two continued screaming though no one came to their rescue.

“Only two officers came after a long wait- to say they would wait for National Parks,”Netsai Marova told ZimEye.

No official comment has been obtained from the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services.