Apostle Chiwenga Says Quit MDC Alliance Let’s Just Focus On Getting Peace.
9 May 2021
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“We have to have a peaceful environment, as Zimbabweans it doesn’t matter who is our president, we don’t have much interest in that…”

By A Correspondent | The controversial street preacher, Talent Chiwenga has somewhat proved his identity by announcing that the MDC Alliance party is now irrelevant, and all Zimbabweans need is to pursue peace. The latter phrase is a theme speech of the ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa for several years to date.

In the sermon, Chiwenga said MDC is not into serving the interests of Zimbabweans. He added saying they just want job posts .

He said when MDC voted to impeach the late President Robert Mugabe in 2017, “they trampled on the very principles which they say they stand for in their manifesto, and as their party ideology.”

Chiwenga’s aide, Thomas Marange, then quipped in with the following, “they wanted positions,” to which Chiwenga screamed back exclaiming,

“Vaida zvigaro! They forgot the principles and they salivated for political positions, that’s a bad precedence.”

“And that’s what our problem is today, our problem is does the MDC have an interest in serving the people of Zimbabwe, or they only condemn ZANU PF because they themselves are not in power, because when something is wrong it should not be condemned by someone else, but when it is done by you it is fine, something that is wrong should be principally wrong across the board; so they and now complaining that the military and the police were involved in the factions that were in ZANU PF.

“If they want to attract the attention of real thinkers and sober thinkers in Zimbabwe, to join them or to identify with them, to sympathise with them they have to revise their methods of trying to get relevance at any given time… MDC at that point scored an own goal.

“They scored themselves up,” he said.

“That’s why you have to know what is right before you say which party you support because you will end up in danger, after choosing a party that is getting lost because you rushed to get identified by it, before you got to know what exactly they stand for.

“Our problem is in identifying our common goals as Zimbabweans, as for myself what I want is a peaceful environment and I think that is not an expectation that is far fetched, and far stretched, it is an institution and a constitutional expectation. We have to have a peaceful environment, as Zimbabweans it doesn’t matter who is our president, we don’t have much interest in that, we don’t care where you come from you come from Midlands or Manicaland,” he added.

Below were some of the excerpts presented in an analysis compiling some of the man’s other sermons plus this latest one.


Meanwhile, below is a prediction by the controversial preacher Talent Chiwenga over the future of Zimbabwe.


Before the 2018 elections, Talent Chiwenga was saying the same thing and then quickly changed just before the polls, to begin declaring: CHIGUBHU CHICHIRIKUSUKWA (a container is still being cleaned so it requires more time). Today he introduces another prophecy..

He used these prophecies to chop away Nelson Chamisa’s gullible followers for himself.

In Aug 2018, he after seeing journalist Simba Chikanza’s LIVE conversation with his cousin, began prophesying saying Mnangagwa didn’t send soldiers to shoot people on 1 August, announcing that the self confessing Kuwadzana butcher is clueless on what happened on 1 August – concerning these events the nation saw on live ZBC broadcasts, he said the opposite happened, exonerating Mnangagwa and blaming his cousin. He called all this prophecy. Such lies were the very cause why victims went to the Motlanthe Commission and some are still attending courts to this day. Is his lying god that idiotic not to see the truth chased after by the suffering victim families to this day?

This year after announcing that his so called gospel controls the politics of this country, he has come out to ask the masses to campaign for his life which he says is in danger of assassination following 2 accidents which he openly confesses that he caused and in which 6 people were killed over a 2 year period. He now announces saying the accidents were Assassination attempts on his life and titles his apologetic, prophecy from God Almighty.

In February, his mother in law, Vivian Yafele revealed that before the accident that killed his wife, in which he was the driver, he had over the 3 years prior this, secretly married a small house Tariro Mafuka who he smuggled to South Africa and the latter would only return just after the Chatsworth- Masvingo Road accident. He served her papers and lied to her that he had copied Simba Chikanza, issuing her. 30 day demand which period has since expired at end of March.

He is also known for announcing saying truck drivers are lazy, adding that a person who gets to the age of 40 driving a truck is in a worthless career.