President Chamisa Has A Rescue Plan For Nation
23 May 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|The clueless Zanu PF regime is conscious of the fact that President Nelson Chamisa will romp to victory in the 2023 Presidential Election…

Political analysts have observed that Zanu PF is determined to dismantle the MDC Alliance because the former revolutionary party has run out of progressive ideas.

According to MDC Alliance deputy spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo, the party’s transformation agenda will open opportunities for all citizens to prosper.

has a rescue plan for Zimbabwe. The
transformation agenda will open opportunities for every Zimbabwean and all hardworking citizens will prosper,” Hlatywayo wrote on Twitter.

Political analyst Dr Nyasha William Gwazemba also wrote:

“Dear @nelsonchamisa and @mdczimbabwe –
2023 you should approach all those young people who contested as independent candidates in 2018 Elections and have an alliance with them and work with them so that 2023 we don’t have split votes…

Clifford Hlatywayo