Man Urinates On Aunt’s Kitchen Unit
28 May 2021

A drunk man from Pumula South suburb, who accused his aunt of ill-treating him, allegedly urinated on the floor before her and damaged her cupboard.
It was around 11pm last week on Saturday when Mxolisi Ncube (25) came home from a booze and started to make noise in the kitchen, a relative said.

His aunt Zanele Ncube (46) was sleeping in her room and heard her nephew Mxolisi pushing a cupboard, said the source.
She woke up and headed to the kitchen and found her nephew pushing her cupboard.

“She ordered him to stop pushing her kitchen unit. But he turned deaf ears to her advice and pushed down the kitchen unit which had plates, cups and glasses.

“Eighteen plates fell into pieces, 11 cups broke, and 12 water glasses also fell into pieces. He also damaged the microwave. As if that was not enough he stamped on the kitchen unit causing it to break,” said the family insider.

While they were exchanging harsh words, Mxolisi pulled a shocker.

“He urinated before his aunt and also inflicted much pain to her as he urinated on her kitchen unit. Seeing that, his aunt screamed for help as she thought he would rape her,” said a family insider.

She bolted out of the house and headed to a neighbour’s house, said a source.

She was accompanied to a police station where she made a police report leading to the arrest of her nephew.

Bulawayo deputy police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the incident: “I can confirm that we arrested a man for damaging a kitchen unit and its contents which is estimated to cost US$110.- B-Metro