OPINION: Hit And Run Economics Haunting Mthuli Ncube
5 June 2021

By Leonard Koni| The prices of basic commodities have gone up and the cost of living is sky rocketing because of this ridiculous Statutory Instrument 127 of 2021 recently introduced by Minister of Finance Professor Mthuli Ncube.

Zimbabweans have suffered enough and needs a break. What is causing this ministry of finance not to go back to simple and basic economics principles?

What makes an economy function is good governance and sound economic policies.

Our economy has mostly survived on jump starting from January to December and the government has been trying to bandage and command it whilst ignoring the oozing part of it.

It seems there are two parallel government structures in Zimbabwe. One located at the Shake Shake building, the Central Committee and the other one led by Mthuli Ncube and Dr John Panonetsa Mangudya.

The deepening economic crisis whereby there was a sharp increase in the price of fuel, electricity examination fees, the erosion of workers income and deterioration of service delivery are pointers of a failed leadership.

It is very hard to do business in Zimbabwe because every month there is always a dubious economic policy meant to make people’s lives uncomfortable.

We have a clueless leadership surviving on feja feja economic policies. Zanu PF government has created chaos in the economy and the prices of goods have gone crazy.

I am not a financial expert but with my bush economic knowledge I can see that this government wants to morph all the US$ at their disposal to finance the 2023 elections. 

This should not surprise us to see the Zimbabwe dollar tumbling, they actually do not care.

One cannot imagine that the price of LP Gas is now selling at $2 from $1.35

There are real economic abusers who are moving freely in the country without being brought to book.

The corruption there is shocking and beyond imagination. This will never end because there is a well politically connected and oiled cartel which is benefiting from this graft.

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