Known Thugs Kill Absalom
26 July 2021

By A Correspondent- The man who was shot in a tavern while drinking beer was buried on Saturday, 24 July.

Absalom Hlabangwane (43) was buried at Tshwara Cemetery in Mmakau, North West.

He died on 16 July following being shot on 23 April in Ramogodi.

Daily Sun published the story, headlined: “Love for beer got him killed” on 18 July.

According to the family, he was shot in the stomach and right leg by thugs.

His cousin Kate Hlabangwane (31) said the family was still trying to cope with the loss, but it was difficult as they were still heartbroken.

“This is hard for us to go through. We are left heartbroken, and the justice system has also failed us.”

Kate added that Absalom was full of jokes, and she would always remember him.

She said the police had failed them as a family as they had not visited since the incident.

“We want the thugs to rot in jail because of what they did to Absalom,” she said.

His uncle Vimba Hlabangwane (65) said: “I’m trying to accept that my nephew has gone, at least I will now have closure. We are still in the dark about the matter.”

A 21-year-old resident, who was present at the tavern when Absalom was shot, said three men armed with firearms came in and one shot the deceased in the stomach. The bullet went through and hit his leg.

The woman said she knew one of the thugs “as he lives around the area”.

Another community member said the thugs, who were always terrorising the community, needed to be removed from society.