Shame As MDC- T Bosses Are Seen At House Of Mountain Moving Prophet Searching For Charms To Win 2023 Elections
14 August 2021

Morgan Zvemangororo

The MDC-T is in panic mode and there are reports that senior party members were spotted last night at the house of controvesial preacher Isaac Makomichi.

Sources claimed the senior MDC-T officials were searching for spiritual powers to win 2023 general elections.

“We saw them entering his gate at night, one of them was saying with this prophet we will win the general elections.

I was once an MDC-T official member as I was suprised to see my former bosses seeking spiritual powers.

They are hopeless and now they think this Makomichi will help them with spiritual powers. To win elections and moving a mountain are two different things.It’s sad for sure,” said one eyewitness.

“Makomichi might be powerful but I don’t think he has those powers to cause people to vote for Mwonzora,” added one political analyst.