Who’s This Pastor Caught On Camera Bashing Teenager With A Log?
21 August 2021
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By A Correspondent | Zimbabwean pastor was caught on camera assaulting a male teenager with a log.

During the beating, the man who could not be identified at the time of writing, was filmed by an onlooker, while appearing to almost stab is victim with the sharp log.

There were two other witnesses, all male, who continued watching helplessly as the pastor went on to assault the male said to be a teenager.

In the beatings, the assaults continue despite the victim screaming out several times, “please forgive me please forgive me please forgive me.”

The preacher does not heed any of the pleas for mercy. He even increases the loud pounding saying the victim should recognise his father.

ZimEye was at the time of writing still pushing to obtain the man’s identity, DO YOU KNOW THIS PASTOR?