The Real Reason Why Mai Titi Visited Gonyeti And Maggie In Hospital Revealed
23 August 2021
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By A Correspondent- Social activist Marshall Shonhai has exposed the real reason why mai Titi whose real name is Felistas Murata visited two Bus Stop comedians Samantha Kureya and Sharon Maggie Chideu abducted and beaten by state security agents when they were hospitalised.

In a video that went viral, Mai Titi is heard pleading with the duo to stop making skits that have anything to do with the current administration but concentrate on being non political comedians.

Kureya was reported missing in August 2019 before she was found dumped a day later after being abducted and beaten by masked gunmen in the capital Harare.

Known by her stage name “Gonyeti”, Kureya has been critical of the police and government in her skits.

She was taken from her home, beaten and forced to drink sewage before being dumped, her colleague says.

We post below, Shonhai’s claims and analysis:

Marshall Shonhai

Posted Marshall Shonhai on his facebook page :

Better kuSuffer tichiita twumari twedu twatinoita twuya twuya. Tichiita maMC hedu tichisekesa vanhu kumuchato. We are not politicians, we are comedians, we are there to share humour” 23/08/19 Nhasi tiri papi? #BataiMazwi

watch Mai Titi shedding her “crocodile tears” below……

Marshall Shonhai post