Michael Reza Wants Joana Mamombe Imprisoned Again
2 September 2021

The State through a prosecutor by the name Michael Reza and a ZRP overzealous Detective Inspector Chafa are now in the habit of misdirecting the courts for selfish ends.

Michael Reza

One of the trio, Hon. Joana Mamombe has been dragged again to court today for a flimsy and frivolous charge using an affidavit written by Detective Inspector Chafa who alleges that Mamombe failed to report at Harare Central police on Friday which however she did, under strenuous circumstances that should have been given audience and simply resolved.

The junior officers there had resolved everything but the aforementioned two overzealous political figures reversed the paper and moved over to create an allegation in order to imprison her.

So we are in court now Joana accompanied by Cecilia Chimbiri, Hon. Job Sikhala and the girls’ parents. The defense counsel is led by Alec Muchadehama. The Magistrate has now given the 6 of September 2021 for further proceedings and ruling at 14.15hrs. – Anonymous