Mnangagwa Ignores Public Transport Outcry, Maintains Ban On Kombies And Inter-City Traveling
6 September 2021
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By A Correspondent- The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says intercity travel remains banned, with only learners returning to school allowed to travel.

In a statement at the weekend, one Superintendent R Ncube, The Outpost Magazine editor, said besides schoolchildren, only commercial cargo and essential services would be permitted to pass through police checkpoints. The statement read:

The Zimbabwe Republic Police reiterates that under the current Level IV COVID-19 regulations, intercity movements are still prohibited. Only commercial cargo and essential services are allowed.

Therefore, intercity travelling by bus operators remains banned unless such operators are doing so to transport school children, as stated by the Government of Zimbabwe.

Police at all checkpoints will ensure the safe and easy passage of buses carrying learners back to school without any delay.

Bus operators who take advantage of the Government’s reprieve only to abuse it by transporting ordinary passengers and not school children will risk being arrested and their buses impounded.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police will be in full force monitoring transport operators who would want to take advantage of the pronouncement to carry and cash on other passengers during this school opening period.

Let’s observe the COVID-19 healthy and safety protocols and avoid unnecessary movements to curb the pandemic and ensure the safe travelling of learners back to school.