Mwonzora Tells Chamisa ‘As You’ve Changed Name, You’ve Been A Fraudster All This While, Your Voters Are Mine’
23 September 2021
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…to allow people to cheat the electorate and then change political parties midstream is not to promote dignity…

By A Correspondent | In what signals a dark cul de sac for Zimbabwe’s most popular politician Nelson Chamisa, and what demonstrates that no matter which direction he turns, be it changing party name, or starting a new organisation, he will be fought against, because, Chamisa is ‘cheating the electorate,’ as his nemesis Douglas Mwonzora said Monday night.

Speaking to a large audience moderated by top journalists Garikai Chaunza and Lynette Manzini, Mwonzora said statements by his aide, Morgen Komichi to recall MPs and councillors who under Nelson Chamisa cannot be termed, hate speech.

He said this while hinting that a government of national unity is coming soon.

Mwonzora was also responding to a complaint raised by Hwange MP Daniel Molokele, and a female member of the crowd, when he said:

“The issue of hate speech… Komichi did not give any hate speech.

“Komichi stated a fact that we will not allow people that do not belong to us to continue holding our position that’s not hate; that’s stating the obvious that’s stating a party position, what is hate speech if I can give you an example, is because Mwonzora comes from Manicaland you call him Muzorewa, and all that, that is directed, that is hate now but if I say we will recall who don’t belong to us, that’s not hate at all.

“And Madam, what you understand about dignity and what I understand about dignity may be different, and as far as I am concerned to allow corrupt people to get away with it, is not promoting dignity.

“To allow corrupt councillors who steal from the poor, to continue keeping those positions, is not enhancing dignity, to allow people to cheat the electorate and then change political parties midstream is not to promote dignity.

“To allow lawlessnes and anarchy is not promoting dignity. The MDC has a constitution…”