Goblins Target Minor Girls At Hospital
24 September 2021

By A Correspondent- Health officials have engaged traditionalists and churches following reports that suspected goblins are se_xually abusing minor girls at Tsholotsho District Hospital, a development that has resulted in the community shunning the health facility for services.

Three staff members’ families who share a house within the hospital cottages are alleged to have been tormented by the goblins for the past two weeks.

Three minor girls staying at the house have reportedly been seeing “strange things” and each morning there would be blood stains on their privates.

Hospital authorities with the help of Tsholotsho Senator Cde Alice Dube, District Medical Officer Doctor Mbonisi Nyathi and the District Development Co-ordinator’s office have found alternative place of residence for the three girls at a guest house at the Tsholotsho Centre.

Dr Nyathi said hospital services have not been affected so far although some members of the public are now generally scared to visit the health facility.

“These things are confined to the three families living at that house and others are not affected. So far stakeholders and local leadership are helping and have engaged traditionalists while churches are also conducting prayer sessions,” he said.

Senator Dube said the minor girls need help.

“What’s happening is painful. I visited the hospital last Friday and the girls are really tormented, they need help. I saw it happening with my own eyes as one of the girls started screaming that it was tying her legs and we could see her being tied yet we couldn’t see the creature. We wait to hear from traditional leadership and we hope a solution will be found soon,” she said.

The goblins are said to be so daring such that at one point they tied one of the girls’ legs with some earphones code in full view of a crowd during a prayer session.

In another incident, the goblins allegedly locked one of the girls in a toilet and tied her hands with a string before gagging her and se_xually abusing her.

Community leaders have since sought assistance from churches and traditionalists with a cleansing prayer ceremony planned for Wednesday next week.

A group of Zionist prophets have been conducting prayer sessions at the hospital for the past few days.

A tsikamutanda who was engaged last week reportedly failed to exorcise them.

The suspected goblins have been throwing mostly kitchen utensils out of windows.

The Chronicle was told that the goblins followed the girls to the guest house and their families found a strange written warning note threatening to kill them if they are not returned to the house at the hospital.

The girls were then taken back to the hospital but have since gone back to the guest house after the intervention of prophets.

Chief Magama said:

“There is real trouble here. We have tried all avenues and we await to see what will happen. We have brought in church pastors and traditionalists but nothing has happened so far. A hospital is an important place for services hence we can’t have such things happening as this will disturb services. Zionists prophets have arranged a service on 29 September and we hope this will be solved,” said Chief Magama.

— Chronicle