Lungu Dep Says Every Zambian Is Crying Because Of Hichilema.
26 September 2021
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By Dorothy Moyo | Every Zambian is crying, said Edgar Lungu’s deputy, while criticising President Hakainde Hichilema’s White House speech.

Attacking Hichilema, the PF leader said in full:

And you heard that in the US he went and told Vice President Harris, and by the way I found it very strange for the president to go to White House and say, thank you for inviting us because many presidents before us were not invited to white house.

My foot does interialise that each of the presidents that we have had has visited the White House, and president Edgar Chagwa Lungu did not meet Biden when he was President. President Lungu and First Lady Mrs Esther Lungu went and met Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, not Vice President. Now for him he is very happy he went to meet VP and he is saying I am the first president to be invited from Zambia. No! President Bally, your predecessor met the President, not VP, he met the president. And then he goes there and says

We are going to align our values. I am getting jittery. You go to another country and tell the other country that me as president of Zambia I’m going to make sure that we align our values, our cultural values. Which values are you going to align?

Values are not imposed on people people develop their own values and what values do you want to align? If I suggest that you want to align gay marriages, is that what you want to bring to Zambia? No, the Zambians won’t allow that.

Do you want to do away with the Christian values to replace them to realign them to what? You can see that the church, those who are genuine are crying. But of course there are some leaders of churches who are very happy with this and they will not see beyond the smoke screen, and they will pretend that they are not seeing the dangers that will befall the country, and they will sing praises and so on, when deep down their hearts, they know that Zambia is going on the wrong trajectory.