Zanu PF Smuggles Back Indigenous Policy, Plans To Bar Foreigners From Owning Businesses
27 September 2021

By A Correspondent- Zanu PF has revived consultations on its indigenisation policy which would see foreign nationals barred from operating businesses in some sectors of the economy.

The programme is being spearheaded by the party’s secretary of indigenisation and economic empowerment, Mike Bimha.

Bimha said the governing party wants Zimbabweans “to take charge, we must fully participate in all the sectors”.

In the proposed policy set to be launched ahead 0f the 2023 elections, foreigners will be barred from operating in certain sectors, including the lucrative artisanal gold mining and hair saloons.

In 2016, the Zanu PF government was forced to abandon the economic empowerment law that sought to transfer majority shares of foreign-owned firms to black Zimbabweans.