Press Statement on Teargasing Of A Bus By Zimbabwe Republic Police in Masvingo
29 September 2021
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Passengers Association of Zimbabwe is deeply moved the action of the Zimbabwe Republic Police where it had teargased a bus in motion in Masvingo. The actions of the police are inhumane and a threat to passenger rights and security. In this 21st century the police should be using policing methods which are in tandem with time and improvements in communication technologies. The Zimbabwean Police Force must desist from from using those primitive methods and become techno-logical. They should not abate crime by committing crime themselves.

Passengers Association of Zimbabwe is asking the Zimbabwe Republic Police to be sincere by giving us the details leading to such action. They should enlighten us on the its codes of conduct and ethics prior to its action. We also want to know the basic elements of public policing in relation to consequences which lead the implementation of canisters where there were children on board and a many passengers with various health issues and pregnant women.

It is shocking that after the police have this in full view of the nation and in the face the passengers they will simply deny that and or justify their action. As a nation we are no longer safe in the face of the police force because they have given themselves the attitude to do anything that is dangerous to passengers. Their actions range from throwing canisters on buses and spikes at moving vehicles. Where in their policing is it indicated that they are mandated to throw canisters in moving vehicles carrying civilians.

Passengers Association of Zimbabwe questions the level of education the Zimbabwean Police force have. Their operations lack logic and an application of common sense. Instead of causing health threats to the passengers their is damage of the vehicle and loss of belongings. Who is going to meet the costs of damages done through this poor method of policing.

We do not support crime in Zimbabwe as passengers. The police should have called the nearest police post ahead to intercept the bus while in persuit. This use of force is dangerous taking chances that passengers may die due to accident. This time it’s not human error on the part of the police but it’s showing it’s a behaviour inherent in them.

The Zimbabwean Police Force leaves a lot to be deserved. We advice the police force not to be a danger to passengers. Their actions causes them to lose credibility and trust from the citizens.

Passengers Association of Zimbabwe is their seeking the arrest of those officers who threw teargas in the bus where there was a mixture of people. There were children and pregnant women and passengers with a variety of health issues. Before doing some actions the officers should first ask themselves questions to authenticate justifications of their actions. This is high class bullying from the law enforcement agencies in our own country.

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