Mukupe Fumes Over Cleveleland Development Conservationists Want Stopped
2 October 2021
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Former Finance Deputy Minister Terence Mukupe has allegedly been caught in an obscene rant over a stand in Cleveland.

He is building a stadium in the area.

In the leaked audio Mukupe is heard attacking Community Water Alliance’s (CWA) Hardlife Mudzingwa.

CWA together with Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) have been demanding a stoppage of developments on wetlands in the area.

According to them, “the area falling under lease agreement is a wetland protected under the Ramsar Convention.“Sad events of our painful past experiences showed us how flooded houses built on wetlands add an unnecessary cost on tax payers.”

However Mukupe has disputed the point and says tests were done in his stand and it was found that it’s not a wetland.

“For your own information the property next to mine belongs to Tendai Biti, I’m not hearing you making noise about it.

“I have done nothing that is outside the law. My papers are intact.

“You don’t have enough information, my stand is for a football stadium, for a soccer pitch”, he charges.

The ZANU PF politicians then goes on to insult Mudzingwa with some unprintable words adding that he shall be taking him to court.

Cleveland Action Alliance chairperson Jimmy Mahachi recently also called for the stoppage of development in the area.

“We are worried by developments in the Cleveland Action Alliance area, which is a Ramsar site and source of water for Cleveland dam and Lake Chivero.

Mukupe has however been quoted in the media declaring that construction is going ahead.

-Open Council