Statement On International Day Of The Girl Child
15 October 2021

11 October 2021

International Day Of The Girl Child is celebrated on October 11 to dedicate the growth of girls around the world. International Day Of The Girl Child theme for 2021 is “Digital generation.

Our generation.” Girls in Zimbabwe are still technologically backwards. There is a misconception in our beloved country that being on social media means one is upto date with the digital era.

We have over 2million girls who have never used a computer in our country and some who have never seen a computer or operated a phone.

As a woman-led party, Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) believes in grooming and mentoring girls to be LEADers.

We believe that girls are change-makers. They are a fundamental source of transformational change for gender equality and technology is an important tool to support their activism and leadership.

In solidarity with UN women, we are calling for equal access to internet and digital devices for girls’ and targeted investments to facilitate opportunities for girls’ to safely and meaningfully access, use, lead and design technology.

The Ministry of ICT in conjunction with the Ministry of Primary and High Education should ensure that the ICT curriculum is fully implemented in all schools in Zimbabwe.

“Digital inclusion and literacy open new avenues to learning, earning and leading for girls, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the pandemic has also deepened the gender divide around connectivity and online safety, with girls facing economic and social barriers to internet and device access.”

Our hearts desire for change. Change that is visible and tangible. As we commemorate The International Day of the Girl Child we are hereby lamenting , looking at the issues that are affecting the girl child beyond the digital gender gap.

This awareness was formed on 11 October 2012 to support more opportunity for girls and to increase awareness of gender inequality faced by girls world wide based upon gender.

As an individual its your duty to evaluate yourself as to how many things you have done in regards to the girl child or in concern with the girl child.

As LEAD we have addressed many issues that include child marriages, gender inequality and gender based violence just to mention a few.

We filed an application at Constitutional Court focusing on the marriage bill to be clarified in favour of the legal age for marriage and to align laws to do with the legal age of majority and legal age to consent.

Every year we donate sanitary wear to disadvantaged and less privileged girls to ensure menstrual dignity. We have done all this because we pay attention to the lamentations of the girl child.

It is our duty as humans to be humane and take good care of each other. Through this we can make the world a better place and together we can bring change that we aspire to see.

Everjoy Chidindi