“Let’s Have Anti-Corruption Day”
27 October 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|The MDC Alliance Youth Assembly has challenged Emmerson Mnangagwa to set a day for protests against corruption if he is a listening leader as he claims.

Below is a statement written by MDC Alliance Masvingo Province Youth Assembly spokesperson Timoth Muswere…

Lets have an Anti-Corruption Day as well

Zimbabwe’s economy continues to sink into the doldrums while bigwigs in government are becoming richer and richer in hours.

I have heard this noise about sanctions sanctions sanctions. Corruption has brought us where we are today.

How many billions have gone missing without an accountability. Its insane to claim or assume that Sanctions solely affect the Economy.

The new dispensation started on a deceiving note castigating corruption on paper and in speeches. Practical the Zanu pf regime has not walked the talk. Many government officials have been caught in corruption but none of them have been convicted in Masvingo recently Ezra Chadzamira was released upon instructiin from the higher office.

It corruption that has affected our economy. The cartels are looting minerals, and they are controling government from the comfort of their office armchairs. Government tenders are offered to people in connection with Zanu pf. The Zanu pf regime is good at copying however kukopa kwedofo rinokopa nezita kana kuresvazve maspelling pakukopa. .. When MDC was formed it the one that first came with the Land reform programme, however it was wrongly conducted and the country was left with no investers and the once bread basket of Africa turned to be a begging basket. Farms were corruptly redristributed to corrupt government official. This also removed investor confidence.

Today there is road rehabilitation along Beitbridge one would wonder if really a company like Exodus Construction company is a reputive company to win a tender in government. It service is so poor and slow. One can easily deduce that the tender was wrongly given and there is no doubt that corruption was at stake.

As we get closer to 2023 elections lets not leave any stone unturned. All corrupt leaders from village level must go. Lets preach the gospel of anti corruption in Zimbabwe and each and every day be declared Anti Corruption Day!!

Timoth Muswere
MDCA Youth Assembly
[email protected]

Mr Mnangagwa