Prophet T Freddy Speaks On Human Manure Passing-Out Congregant
29 October 2021

Harare-based preacher, Tapiwa Freddy, has said he was also shocked to see an elderly woman defecating on stage during his healing service recently.

A video that has since gone viral presents Freddy praying for the woman and the woman departs from his presents only to stoop a few metres away and discharge waste in front of all the congregants.

Addressing the video, Freddy said he was also shocked to witness the instant deliverance when he was praying for the woman.

He claims that the elderly woman had not been going to the toilet for some days before she was brought to him for prayers.

 He said:

On praying for her, she instantly received her healing and I was also shocked by the instant deliverance.

We have been witnessing several people vomiting, crying, and manifesting in various ways during their deliverance, and defecating was part of the deliverance since it had to do with stomach disorders.

If you watch other live services used to be carried by the late Prophet TB Joshua you agree with me that some of the people would be screened half-n_aked with their private parts exposed.

Social media critics were, however, not impressed with Prophet T Freddy’s means of healing. Some called out religious leaders to consider their congregants’ dignity when performing their “healing miracles”.

In contrast, others criticized the so-called miraculous healing and accused prophets of exploiting the gullible and the desperate.

Other critics also questioned why he posted that video considering the fact that it was of bad taste. Responding to the critics, Freddy claims that Goodness and Mercy Ministries church posts everything they do during the service.

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