“Wearing ED’s Scarf Is Not Endorsement”: Zim Born Scottish MP Clears Air
2 November 2021
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By A Correspondent- Zimbabwean born Scottish legislator, Maggie Chapman, has said she was not endorsing the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa when she wore Mnangagwa’s scarf recently.

This comes after the circulation of her picture in which she was wearing the scarf with Zimbabwean colours. The scarf is seen more as a ZANU PF regalia than a Zimbabwean one.

Zimbabwe’s Information Secretary, Nick Mangwana, also commented on the photo:

Comrades and friends are still arriving in Scotland. Here they are seen with Scottish MP, Maggie Chapman, who made raves when she took her oath in Shona to show she still has links with Zimbabwe. Good to see her adorning the beautiful scarf.

Responding to an anonymous person, Maggie Chapman refuted claims by some that she was endorsing the Mnangagwa regime. She said:

As I said to Mike: Thanks for your message and apologies for the photos. They are in no way an endorsement of ZANU PF or the regime in Zimbabwe which I deplore. I bumped into some Shona speakers at the end of my street and had a conversation about Zimbabwe – as I always do with any Shona speakers. I am sorry I didn’t recognise them as individuals or the scarf. They did recognise me, which is why it turns out they were so keen on the photos.

The endorsement would have been a boost to the Zimbabwean government which is pushing the engagement and re-engagement agenda after being isolated for over two decades.