Non-Stop Funeral Song Rambling Inside President Mnangagwa’s Building Function | WHO’S DIED? | VIDEO.
8 November 2021
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By A Correspondent | There was a very long funeral song during Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Galla function that went rambling for more than 10 minutes, non stop.

There was no sight of the ZANU PF leader during the dirge (attended by Information Secretary Nick Mangwana’s wife, Priscilla) previously meant to be a party celebrating him.

A dirge is a mournful song composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person.

With no explanation, the small crowd of ZANU PF members continued singing:


Hatina Musha Panyika
Hatifare kuva pano
Zvinofadza mweya yedu
Kutsvaga Musha unouya
Kutsvaga musha unouyaHatina musha panyika
Tinoda musha uri kure
Zita rawo iZion
Unopenya nguva dzose
Unopenya nguva dzoseMusha une runyarararo
Vafambi vachazorora
Daindine mapapiro
Ndaiuya ndizorore
Ndaiuya ndizororeNdaiuya ndizorore
Ndaiuya ndizorore x2Mweya wangu chinyarara
Mwari anoziva nguva
Ndichaita sekuda kwake
Iye wondipa zororo
Iye wondipa zororo.Iye wondipa zororo
Iye wondipa zororo.

All this happened during Mnangagwa’s Galla function at the Trades Hall Glasgow which his own 100 strong delegate group bunked. There were only 29 people inside, whose singing went on from loud, to complete discord.

During the 3 days running, Scottish Police were seen protecting protesters instead of the abusive Mnangagwa in a twist, and Film Director and activist Silvano’s Mudzvova told ZimEye, the building’s Trustees announced that Mnangagwa was no longer coming.

Commenting, government spokesperson Nick Mangwana described his trip as “a very successful trip.”

He ended his comment by saying in Shona, “Apa hapana chakaipa hapo!”

Contacted for a comment, ZANU PF leadership claimed saying Mnangagwa was never meant to attend. Advert material however was clear that it was Mnangagwa’s Galla, and many of his own attendants told ZimEye, they were disappointed that the ZANU PF leader is no longer coming. WATCH THE UNFOLDING DRAMATIC EVENTS HERE.