Ngomahuru Hospital No Water Or Electricity
3 January 2022
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Good evening @Simba Chikanza , I hope I find you well. I have come foward to you with this because i admire how you work towards change.

The matter is about Ngomahuru Hospital, a Provincial and National Hospital at large located in Masvingo. There had been stories early last year concerning the issue of lack of water and electricity that lead to bathing of patients in rivers that had crocodiles but the matter was unresolved how so ever since patients are no longer bathing at all.

Ngomahuru has over 200+ psychiatric patients and 200+ workers who depend on water and electricity at large for the running of day to day activities. Electricity has been gone for over a week to 2 weeks now, not to mention periods in between the year that the same issue has been happening with no urgent action taken by ZESA and ZINWA mainly due to ZESA as well. This means that patients do not bath withing those periods and they have less water to drink and mantain hygiene especially during Covid 19.

This has led to an outbreak of Covid from early November till date of both patients and workers , hence workers safety jeopardized which is unacceptable for any worker in the health industry. We are tired of using the so-called right channels without anything changing.

The nation should know how badly Ngomahuru Hospital operates and if anyone needs to fear, its the relatives of patients at Ngomahuru especially towards Covid. #Help_Ngomahuru_Hospital