MDC Alliance Exposes ZEC Ineptitude
11 January 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| MDC Alliance has challenged the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission( ZEC) to implement key reforms before polls.

ZEC’s credibility is under the spotlight following the snail- slow pace at which the commission is conducting voter registration programmes.

MDC Alliance Namibia has challenged ZEC to implement electoral processes in an objective manner.

See MDC Alliance Namibia statement:

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) must revisit it’s constitutional functions:Mdc Alliance Namibia fumes!

09 January 2022

Mdc Alliance Namibia comprehends that the constitutional functions of the purported independent body ZEC are as follows: 1)Preparing for conducting and supervising all Elections in Zimbabwe and referendums.2)Ensuring that elections are free, fair, transparent, credible and perfect in accordance with the law. This is however, in antithesis, that has not transpired as Mdc Alliance and other stakeholders claim that the institution is biased in favour of Zanupf serial elections fraudsters. Our message is very clear, ZEC should religiously follow the supreme law of the country by ensuring that elections are free, fair and credible.

Multiple irregularities from ZEC in terms of directing and controlling voter registration become a clear testimony that the organisation does not respect the constitution of the country. It has dismally failed to direct and control voter registration since the formation of Mdc Alliance. The country has experienced voter apathy because ZEC does not conduct voter education to lure virgin voters and the obvious reason is their symphathy the Harare regime. Mdc Alliance Namibia demands that releasing voters rolls and registers should be done within the confines of the supreme law. We absolutely condemn the excess rigging through the capture of the body.

Moreover, Mdc Alliance Namibia alleges ZEC of providing inaccurate, inadequate and biased information to the electorate favouring the incumbent party. It must be clear to the citizenry that the operations of the body should be in compliance with the ZEC Act which has been abandoned taking instructions straight from the Shake Shake Building! We demand an independent body that represents and protects the will of the people. In short ZEC must be disbanded for abusing the constitution.

Against its mandate to keep the public informed about preparations of elections, ZEC has chosen to ignore the masses. There is no voter registration campaign launched by ZEC, the registration centres remain hidden and inaccessible from the general populace which is a deliberate ploy to promote voter apathy. Only 63 registration centres out of the expected 2000 is pathetic for an election body that claims to be independent from the Harare regime. Results of votes are always a challenge and all matters concerning the work of the commission are questionable. In 2008, the poll results took a month and a half before they are published which is quite satanic in a democracy.

On numerous occasions the ZEC has been dubbed captured by the clueless Zanupf and their independence questioned by the alternatives as well as international independent media. ZEC never condemned Zanupf political violence and intimidation of voters prior and post elections. Mdc Alliance Namibia believes that the June 2008 elections
could not be conducted fairly due to high levels of torture and forced disappearances. We believe that the violence was state- sponsored, and in most cases they are sponsored by the state militia. We are seriously condemning this tomfoolery.

Furthermore, Mdc Alliance Namibia would like to warn members of the police, Zimbabwe National Army,and prison officers to resist being compelled to vote for Zanupf thugocrats. We absolutely blame ZEC for completely failing to condemn public confessions among Zanupf officials that Mr Mnangagwa will continue to rule regardless of electoral results, which has energised counterfeit war veterans and poor Zanupf youths to provoke politically motivated violence.

Mdc Alliance Namibia also believe that the commission has failed to conduct it’s duties of regulation efficiently since it didn’t act on the biased, such as the censored state-run Herald newspaper, which they are required to exercise in their mandate. The captured media is wholely one-sided and subjective in favour of Zanupf and the current president. We totally blame ZEC for publishing incorrect figures of registered voters, inciting racial, religious and political hatred among citizens.

In a nutshell, Mdc Alliance Namibia urges all social democrats across the globe to put pressure on ZEC as a way of forcing the commission to bring comprehensive political and electoral reforms.

We should push for more registration centres and these must be accessible as well. It is unexpected that citizens struggle to register to vote in an independent country.












Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya