Residents Blast ZESA, Zanu PF
18 January 2022
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Onalenna Bangwa

Mvuma – Scores of Mvuma residents have castigated ZESA management for power cuts- for a year.

This has badly affected residents’ electrical gadgets.

The transformer was stolen 12 months ago.

ZESA reconnected the lines to other locations that has resulted in transformers being overwhelmed.

“During peak hours we experience erratic power cuts.

“As residence we have formed a whatsapp group where we air our Zesa grievances, but it has not helped” fumed residents.

A senior employee at ZESA said the issue of transformers was a cause for concern.

“It is public secret that the parastal is in dire need of transformers due to economic problems the country is facing.

ZESA management is sleeping on duty.

“Sadly, we see politicians lying that all is well when people are suffering.
“We don’t have representation if we go for a year suffering like this” fumed a resident who requested anonymity.

Comment from Zesa management and Member of Parliament for the constituency were fruitless at the time of going to print.