Only A Mad Man Can Vote For Mwonzora And Mnangagwa
7 February 2022
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By Knowledge Hakata | Emmerson Mnangagwa has transformed Zimbabwe into a vending and boutique country. Formally the country has been destroyed that they is nothing that is working at all.

The once admired educational sector has been thrown into the graveyard especially in the government schools where even a grade zero student is supposed to pay an extra fee for extra lessons to the poverty stricken teachers: most of the industries are now ghosts’ houses while the health sector is actually on an auto pilot. Unemployment rate is now a menace while poverty is the new normal in Zimbabwe. The impasse between government and the teachers remains unresolved and it appears likely to be so for a long time. Teachers want their salaries pegged at US$520 which they were getting per month pre-October 2018 to counter inflationary pressures pushing up prices of goods and services as the value of the Zimbabwe dollar continues to slide. The Zimbabwean dollar continues to devaluate everyday while those in the apex of power are claiming that the economy is recovering, surely only a mad man can believe these dwarfs.
The New Dispensation which has become the New Desperation, has totally failed in all its election mantras and promises that it had promised to the general public at large. Those in the political circles of power both inside and outside Zanu Pf led government have failed to explain the major reasons why the so called New Order or Disorder has failed to make an impact since the ouster of former President Robert Mugabe. Zimbabweans expected much from President Mnangagwa led government. As much as I can see no light at the end of the tunnel for ED, surely the man inherited a rotten state which however he was part of the team that destroyed the once flourishing bread basket of Africa, President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be lucky to survive the mounting crisis in Zimbabwe by June 2023
Former USA president J.F Kennedy once said “a society whose young man and women are in a state of constant slumber will never realize their potential”, It is high time that the Zimbabweans especially the youths should now take the leading role such as the ones which happened in Soweto in 1969 and 1976 while recently in the Arab Spring and the great ouster from power of former Burkina Faso president Blaise Compare in 2014. Coming back to my article I want to make it clear that only a revolution will sink the famous “Ship called Zanu Pf” from power. Asking for reforms from Zanu Pf it’s a waste of time cause it’s just like asking a hyena to set an assembly on how good should be preserved it is a tragedy of gigantic proportion. They is nothing good that will ever come out of Mnangagwa and his team especially the military led government. Whether ZEC denies its connections with Zanu Pf or not that body is directly controlled by Zanu Pf and the 2008 election scenario can prove that, how the George Chiweshe led ZEC handled those elections to the extent that election results were released a month later.
Zimbabweans should now brace for the final lap which is coming in 2023 and the only way out is to vote out President Mnanangagwa’s incompetent government as well as throwing political mercenaries like Mwonzora into the political dustbin. Citizens cannot continue to watch fake prophets like Passion Java being paid state money just to confuse the long suffering youths. A new Zimbabwe which will usher in a better economy, political space and a favorable social environment is now around the corner. I might disagree with Nelson Chamisa on many aspects but I now believe that Chamisa is a symbol of Hope in Zimbabwean politics.
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