You Don’t Own ZUPCO, Election Watchdog Tells Zanu PF
18 February 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust(ZEAT) has condemned the abuse of ZUPCO buses by Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF party.

ZUPCO buses were used to ferry Zanu PF supporters to Mr Mnangagwa’s rally in Epworth last weekend.

ZEAT challenged Mr Mnangagwa’s party to stop abusing ZUPCO buses as they were purchased by State funds.

Read ZEAT statement below:


We learnt with great shock about the bussing of ZANU PF supporters to the recently held ZANU PF rally held in Epworth using ZUPCO buses. We note with great pain that not only were the supporters bussed to the rally but some were also coerced to attend the rally against their will. It is a public secret that the ZUPCO buses are state and not party property.

Moved by these anomalies we therefore call upon sanity to prevail in the ZANU PF camp so that they respect the people’s right to make political choices freely as enshrined in Section 67(1)(b) of The Constitution of Zimbabwe.

ZANU PF as the ruling party must stop abusing state resources therefore they must have an aorta of shame and draw a line between State and party property.

                                 ZEAT fostering democratic elections.