30 Mwonzora Party Members Join CCC
21 February 2022
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30 MDC T Mwonzora Highfield West members including district chairperson Wilbert Mutero join Citizens Coalition for Change party today

21 February 2022

Wezhira Munya

MDC T Mwonzora in turmoil after Highfield East District Chairperson and 30 members joined President Nelson Chamisa’s party today.

Mr Wilbert Mutero the MDC T Mwonzora chair said, “We have joined President Chamisa’s party because of it’s popularity, capacity to dislodge Zanu PF and bring total transformation in Zimbabwe.”

He further added, “l left Mwonzora’s party because of its proximity to Zanu PF. There are lot of conflicts in MDC T and have no solid structures across Zimbabwe.”

Highfield West member of Parliament seat was left vaccant after Mwonzora recalled Hon Eric Murai accusing him of supporting President Nelson Chamisa.”

Hon. Eric Murai said, “We as Citizens Coalition for Change under President Chamisa welcome Mr Mutero and 30 MDC T members who joined us. We are a party that loves people. We are recruiting people to win by elections and 2023 harmonised elections. Our target is 6 million votes.”

The Highfield West CCC in on a massive door to door campaigns preparing to win resoundingly on 26 March 2022 by elections.

Mwonzora has lost many members since he took over presidency of MDC T in 2019 at violent extraordinary congress where Dr Khupe was beaten.

In addition, Khupe declared MDC T split from Mwonzora’s MDC T. Khupe went with large number of supporters across Zimbabwe.

In South Africa , former MDC T provincial chairperson Shelton Chiyangwa and many leaders dumped Mwonzora and joined CCC .

These defections affect Mwonzora’s quest to win 26 March 2022 by elections.

After 60 000 powerful supporters that graced CCC by elections launch, many people have agreed that it’s only President Chamisa and his party that have capacity to win 2023 elections.

Mwonzora and MDC T are just Zanu PF proxy pushing for Unity Government under disguise of Rational Disputation.

The writer is reliable informed that there are more defections from MDC T led by Mwonzora that are coming soon . Some senior national MDC T members , council and members will join CCC very soon especially towards 2023 by elections.

More details to follow .