Opposition Activist Flees Zanu PF Terror
22 February 2022
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By A Correspondent

A Zimbabwean opposition activist has fled the country to the USA as a result of relentless Zanu PF terror.

Shame Mutsambiri( 40) originally from Hurungwe has revealed how he was nearly killed by Zanu PF agents before fleeing to the USA.

Speaking to ZimEye.com from his base in America, Mutsambiri said Zanu PF agents have vowed to kill him upon his return to Zimbabwe.

” My parents were both active members of the opposition political party MDC which was led by Morgan Tsvangirai since it was formed in 1999.

It became very dangerous for my family to continue living in Hurungwe because no one was allowed to be part of the opposition party,” said Mutsambiri.

His parents were murdered by the Zanu PF regime during the bloody 2008 Presidential Election Runoff.

“My parents were killed during the 2008 election campaign when our house was set on fire. This incident traumatized me, and I was now labeled as the son of swindlers in my village. I fled my country and went to Zambia because of the tension. I struggled financially in Zambia, which prompted me to return home during the Unity Government’s tenure (2009 to 2013). It was also during this time that I married Faith Mhandu in 2012.

However, the problem reappeared shortly after the formation of the Unity Government,” he added.

Mutsambiri was nearly killed by Zanu PF agents when he was in Zimbabwe.

He had to flee from Zanu PF terror as his life was in danger.

” Youths from the Zanu-PF party began threatening me once more. For the safety of my family, I decided to relocate to Harare since I was married. However, the situation in Harare became even worse when my friends were kidnapped and killed. I was lucky to survive after being struck at the back of the head with an axe.

This incident rendered me bedridden for months. I decided to flee once more, this time to South Africa, in the hope that things would improve,” Mutsambiri said.

“Life was difficult because I had left my wife and children in the care of my in-laws. After the Mugabe Coup in 2017, I decided to return home. I remained an active member of the MDC-T, which has since changed its name to the CCC and is now led by Nelson Chamisa.

Furthermore, before my arrival in the United States of America I was attacked again, members of the ruling party broke into my house they physically assaulted me with a cutlass. My wife witnessed this ugly attack by four men wearing Zanu PF t-shirts and was rendered unconscious.

On March 28, 2022, my brother was attacked again during the ongoing presidential campaign by the opposition party (CCC). Also, during this attack, my wife who is also a member of CCC was stampeded and almost lost her life to a member of Zanu-PF.
It hurts me that after many years, I still don’t have a safe place for myself and my family. It is based on the above threats and others that I seek Asylum from the Government of the United States of America,” the opposition activist said.

To Mutsambiri returning home to face Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration is an insurmountable task.

The so called new dispensation is baying for Mutsambiri’s blood.

Shame Mutsambiri