Restore Teachers’ Dignity- President Chamisa Challenges Zanu PF Regime
22 February 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Citizens’ Coalition For Change leader President Nelson Chamisa has declared that Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa will not be given space to steal the people’s victory in the 2023 Presidential Election.

President Chamisa made the remarks at Zimbabwe Grounds on Sunday.

President Chamisa is confident CCC will defeat Zanu PF in both rural and urban areas.

“Don’t worry about the countryside. Rural areas are now centers of transformation and change. I toured our rural communities and the regime almost had me killed after seeing the response of the citizens there. Yellow has been embraced everywhere.

Some citizens say voting is pointless because they’ll be rigging. The biggest rigging is not registering to vote. If the farm is big enough, the baboon won’t steal all the yield. We need to win with a huge margin that will overwhelm ZEC’s rigging plans.”

President Chamisa added:
“We’ve commissioned a team of experts to work on the voters roll. We’ve even been getting warnings from some in government, to pay attention to it. Yellow is everywhere. We’ve unearthed irregularities & now they are declining their own voters roll.

We gather here to also declare that never again shall elections be rigged in Zimbabwe. We need to give dignity to our security officers. Our war veterans helped liberate us. In my days in Parliament, I always stood for warvets & we represented them for free, under our law firm. Many died without enjoying the independence they fought for.”

According to President Chamisa, teachers have a constitutional right to demand decent living conditions.

“Our government will honour teachers. They are the foundation & guardians of the destiny of any nation. They are the campus of civilisation. Without teachers there are no politicians, cooks nor builders. They must be respected & given back their dignity.

Chamisa is not the poverty affecting our civil servants. Teachers have a right to demand a better salary and shouldn’t succumb to threats. Under our government, we will revert back to the salaries and benefits previously enjoyed by our civil servants.

In 2003, Mudede did the same in Kuwadzana & produced a VR with over 8k voters. We went to court to have the VR produced during 1st 20 minutes & that’s how we exposed them. We are warning ZEC to remove fake names on the VR & return them where they belong.”