Ginimbi Died “Intestate”: Court Rules
2 March 2022
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Nelia, Juliet Kadungure and Kenny Mubaiwa

By A Correspondent- The late Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s two sisters, Nelia and Juliet, have been jointly appointed as executors to his estate.

The family convened a meeting at the Master of High Court yesterday, following a recent High Court ruling, which declared his unsigned will, and appointment of its executor, as null and void.

Ginimbi’s father, Anderson Kadungure, and his uncle Kenny Mubaiwa, also attended the meeting.

Prior to the High Court challenge, a questionable will had appointed Patricia Darangwa to be the executor while Ginimbi’s Lamborghini was given to his friend Kit Kat.

As it now stands Ginimbi died intestate (without a will).

“The family yesterday convened an edict meeting in compliance with what was ordered by the court, in order to restart the whole process and register the late Genius Kadungure’s estate.

“His father, two sisters and uncle attended the meeting and it was agreed that the siblings jointly perform duties of executor,” said the family lawyer, Shingi Ushewekunze.

Ushewekunze said the family will now start a fresh process.

“Now, the family, through the two sisters, will begin the normal administration of the estate and share the wealth as they wish.

“The court ruled in their favour and it is now on record that Ginimbi died without a will,” said Ushewekunze.