CCC Fundraising Now Too Sporadic, Coltart Called To The Fixing Task
29 March 2022
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By A Correspondent | Fundraising programs for the nation’s newly born yellow-kid, the Citizens Coalition For Change party are now too uncoordinated that they need to be brought back into order, a debate on the Twitter Spaces portal, has concluded.

The CCC has proven ability to rise from anywhere, at any time, and quickly become a force not just for a reckoning, but one to take over a nation. The just ended bi elections have proven this capacity. But one major weakness set to slow down progress- is spinelessness when it comes to long term decision making in for instance, the entity’s treasury department.

It all started 2 years ago in 2020 when a UK based scammer, who was making false claims that she is Nelson Chamisa’s sister, Yeukai Mamoyo, had teamed up with MP Custon Matewu’s father, Jaison to publicly disrupt a Harare online fund raising session for the CCC Trio, that Coltart ended up passing orders that Matewu’s diversion of party funds to his private accounts must be stopped. At that time Matewu working with the fake-Chamisa sister, had instructed diasporans to deposit party funds into his personal company project, promising he would after that transfer the money to Harare.

Jaison Matewu, like in his earlier years when he was once removed by Tsvangirai in 2008 over the same reasons, continued to cause chaos in Chamisa party, working with the fake Chamisa sister, whose boyfriend is a top Mwonzora aide.

The fake Chamisa sister has since joined a cluster of counter intelligence agents who daily study and manipulate organisational weaknesses in the CCC.

Fast forward to 2022, the party launched Spaces discussions but was beaten in speed by a group of state agents who just last year March attempted to get three of Chamisa’s aides slapped with false charges of sexual assault. The group is also the one that in 2021 was supporting and sponsoring the ferret who planned to kill Human Rights Watch Director, Dewa Mavhinga, Mr Elvis Mugari.

The spaces platforms gave the ferrets a good opportunity to regroup and appear sympathetic to Chamisa. But more chaos has since emerged over accountability as money raised cannot be fully traced. To this issue, citizen Jessica Geraldine said: