Bulawayo Man Skins Wife Over Relish Money
25 April 2022
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By- A Bulawayo’s Nketa suburb man has been arrested for stabbing his wife after a misunderstanding over relish.

Circumstances are that on 17 April, at around 7.25pm, Veronica Phiri (34), who is married to Mehluli Dube (47), arrived home from the city centre and found her husband in the sitting room.

She asked him for money to buy relish and he replied that she should get it from her boyfriend since she was out with him.
Veronica got angry and slapped Mehluli twice on the left cheek. Mehluli responded by picking a kitchen knife and stabbing Veronica on the right shoulder.

He then locked himself in their bedroom.
Veronica called the police who attended the scene and arrested Mehluli.
They recovered the kitchen knife.
Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident and urged couples to find better ways of solving their issues.

“I confirm the arrest of Mehluli Dube for stabbing his wife Veronica Phiri on her right shoulder. He is helping the police with investigations and will appear in court soon.
“As police, we are worried about the cases of physical abuse that are emanating because of mistrust and infidelity. In most cases mistrust makes people fight over rumours,” said Inspector Ncube.