A Tendency and Culture Of Keeping Trash at the Expense of Valuables
29 April 2022
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By Pepukai Begede- Change (positive) is usually very difficult to achieve especially in the long run. When a specific task takes too long to achieve the consequences of such experience is that people unite to keep their positions in anticipation for a break through.

They may however overlook the fact that they themselves are now an obstacle to achievement. This is the main reason why issues of governance in Africa are greatly being compromised. Overlooking better people with modern skills in preference for acquaintance(s).

Many companies are failing in Africa and in Zimbabwe in particular because of this myopic behavior. Knowledge is best for advancement in as much as stagnation is promoted by keeping volume than value.

Non performing individuals should be retrenched as vibrant and innovative people are engaged. It’s not necessarily about “Age” but performance through target evaluation .

Its unwise to replace an old hardworking and innovative individual by a young hallucinating lazy-nonperforming youngster. It is also not beneficial to keep old cows that no longer produce milk yet wanting food at the end of the day.

It is unwise in this modern era to waste more resources training lazy people to fit for positions that they dont qualify for yet naturally gifted and maneuvering individuals with volume and value are there. I have seen companies and Governments keeping people in positions for salaries and self upkeep at the expense of results delivery or cost-benefit analysis.

Don’t kill the future through negligence and mercy.

(The Scribe of Evolution of Communities )