Jonathan Moyo Savages ‘Unpresidential’ Mnangagwa
19 May 2022
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By A Correspondent| Professor Jonathan Moyo has mocked President Emmerson Mnangagwa saying each day he spends in office is proving to be costly to the country as he is unpresidential.

Mnangagwa has never ceased to amaze and give his opponents something to talk about through a series of blunders and diplomatic mistakes including appearing in a video drunk or being pictured with dubious personalities including Passion Java, Uebert Angel among others.

Posting on Twitter,Professor Moyo said everyone can now see that Mnangagwa is not presidential material.

“He’s a lot of things, some of which are unspeakably ugly, but one thing that everyone can now see beyond any doubt is that he is not presidential material; he is far from it, such that every day that goes by with him in that office is an unrecoverable loss to Zimbabwe’s recovery,” said Moyo.