Pias Jamba Admits Killing Moreblessing Ali
19 June 2022
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By-Pius Jamba has admitted to killing CCC’s Moreblessing Ali activist.
He confessed when he appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi on Saturday.

He was remanded in custody to July 1.
Representing the state, Prosecutor Tapuwanashe Zvidzai told the court that Ali was murdered on the night of May 24. The court heard:
On 24 May 2022, at around 2220 hours, the accused person was at Chibhanguza Night Club, Nyatsime, Beatrice where the now deceased Moreblessing Ali was in the company of Kirina Mayironi.
The now-deceased was also accompanied by her brown dog. The accused was armed with a catapult.
Without being provoked, the accused then alleged that the now-deceased’s dog was disturbing him of free movement and it was also responsible for the loss of his money.
Zvidzai added:
1). Ali and her friend Mayironi then left Chibhanguza Night Club and were about to head home when Mukandi dragged Ali.
2). Mayironi attempted to save Ali leading to Mukandi striking her with a stone propelled by a catapult and hitting her chin leaving an open wound.
3). Mayironi fled back into the Nightclub where other revellers rushed out to investigate what was happening. Jamba shoot stones from the catapult and threw bricks directed at the nightclub, and nobody could apprehend him or rescue Ali.

  1. Jamba took Ali from the vicinity of Chibhanguza Night Club to an unknown secluded place where he struck her using an unknown instrument. He also strangled her using her trousers thereby causing her death.
    5). Jamba then used an unknown instrument to cut Ali’s body into three pieces consisting of the upper torso and two legs.
    6). He then took the mutilated body parts to Plot 321 Dunnotar Farm, Beatrice belonging to his mother Laina Mumukandi where he dumped them into a disused well.
    7). Thereafter the accused person went on the run.
    Ali’s body was discovered on 11 June 2022 by Mukandi’s mother after a strong stench emanated from the disused well.
    She advised police leading to the recovery of the now deceased’s dismembered body.

However, postmortem conducted on 14 June 2022 at Parirenyatwa Hospital, Harare by Forensic Pathologist Doctor Mayedo could not establish how Ali died.
However, the doctor concluded that the death might have been caused by strangulation. He further indicated that the Ali was chopped after she was already dead.
Jamba was arrested on 16 June 2022, while on the run in Chidamoyo, Hurungwe, Mashonaland West Province.
He then voluntarily made indications to police showing them how he kidnapped, assaulted and killed Ali.

He also showed them the scene where he dismembered her body before dumping it.
Jamba also led police to the recovery of a knife he allegedly used to cut Ali’s body.
He also showed the police Ali’s Huawei Honor cell phone, brown jacket, black trousers, pair of shoes and pants.
All these will be produced as evidence.