FC Wangu Mazodze Triumph As Masvingo United Drop Points
4 July 2022
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04 July 2022


FC Wangu Mazodze win as Una Una drop points

During the weekend our two Masvingo’s biggest soccer clubs played their games at home in our traditional local home of soccer Mucheke stadium. Before the games there was much talks as some doubting Thomases discredited the FC Wangu Mazodze team which however proved otherwise. The prophets of doom many of them jealousy of the flamboyance and we’ll organized nature of the Wangu Mazodze club whose way of operations are beyond some premier League teams. The 3-0 win against Zaka Academy yesterday boosted the team’ s morale and is most likely to roar after a well margined win. Two goals were scored by the all time in form star KODE while Guidance got on target for the other goal. Man of the Mac jersey number 6 killed the Zaka Academy game plan. It is not by lucky but determination ,sacrifice and commitment from 13 th player that is the Mazodze supporters who are very strong enough even if the team goes through bad phases in performance.

Powered by its VP Mrs Mazodze the team enjoys much support from ladies as it is well know in societies that women’s voice have power and won’t lose any battle in any contest or court. It is this recognition and respect of Women in the world’s beautiful game soccer that has earned Wangu Mazodze a marvelous support base.

Meanwhile the Ghetto Seasoned community team Masvingo United avoided a loses as they drew all nil against Chiredzi stars. Masvingo United has previously played well however our fellow Wezhiras has just been unlucky. Also to be noted of are the bonafide Una Una supporters whose love and support for the club is unconditional and has been consistent despite financial constraints. One is knocked upon his heart as you hear the drums played near Father’s Bar at Mucheke Rank as Una Una supporters sing and dance as early as possible on match day. By Saturday midday the ecstatic mood was already all over the Rank with Una Una singing drumming and dancing for their team. It’s now an interesting moment for Masvingo Soccer lovers whose community now has two competitive teams. Let’s keep up the spirit anaWezhira rovai bhora and let’s shun violence and hate speech we are one family

Zhalala zhululu

Timoth Muswere is a freelance writer who is also a die hard soccer fan
[email protected]