New Zanu PF Pushes Mnangagwa Out
18 July 2022
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By- A new Zanu PF faction calling itself Zanu PF Original is pushing President Emerson Mnangagwa to resign.

The new grouping of disgruntled former party members wants the former Zanu PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere return to Zimbabwe and lead the party.

Addressing reporters in Harare on Saturday, Zanu PF Original member Jim Kunaka claimed President Emmerson Mnangagwa was leading a Zanu PF faction called Lacoste, which was no longer serving the interests of the party. He said:

As much as Kasukuwere is from Mashonaland Central Province, we want to clarify that he is not provincial leadership material but a national leader.

That is why we have people coming from all the provinces to say to comrade Kasukuwere that Zimbabwe is waiting for you.

We are entirely behind you. Come back and lead the people. You are not alone, and you shall never walk alone.

We want to reclaim our revolution and party which was hijacked by the Lacoste power mongers.

Kunaka was fired from Zanu PF in 2014 while Kasukuwere went into self-imposed exile following the 2017 military coup.

Political commentator Vivid Gwede said the emergence of Zanu PF Original could be a manifestation of unresolved leadership questions within the ruling party. Said Gwede:

This is a sign of the unresolved leadership questions within Zanu PF since the coup. The formation of this group must not be disassociated from related developments such as the court challenge against the party’s leadership all pointing to internal disgruntlement and factionalism.

Outgoing Zanu PF national youth secretary Tendai Chirau dismissed Zanu PF Original as puppets of the vanquished G40 cabal. He tweeted:

Delusions of grandeur by expelled members sponsored by some members of the fallen G40 cabal.

There is only one Zanu PF led by @edmnangagwa and it will win the 2023 elections resoundingly.

The willing tools of the fallen cabal may continue hallucinating, but they will not win.

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