Bloodbath In South Africa As ANC “Approves” Xenophobia
5 August 2022
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By James Gwati- The failing South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) party has joined that country’s opposition parties in criminalising foreign nationals.

Pule Mabe, ANC national spokesperson

ANC shifted its position this week after its policy conference last week.

The party’s spokesperson Pule Mabe told his supporters during a protest against foreign nationals at Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court accused of raping eight South African girls that people would pounce on foreigners.

“We have taken a decision as the ANC that today (Wednesday), we are going to join the picket line at Krugersdorp Magistrate Court. We have come to register our own concerns, frustrations and anger around the issues of undocumented illegal immigrants who continue to commit heinous crimes around the question of rape and illegal zama zamas. We felt that, we now need to elevator thus we need to make sure that we influence national conversations around issues faced by our people.
” Our people are boiling and we can not garrantee the safety of these undocumented and illigal foreigners, ” he said.

His utterances resulted in the brutal rounding up and attacks on alleged illegal miners in Kagiso Thursday.

ANC is under pressure from its citizens for failing to deliver services.

The sinking revolutionary party has also failed to unite the nation because of corruption, nepotism and factionalism.