Mnangagwa Slapped Down By Own Pastor, To Hold Clean Elections In 2023
8 August 2022
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For over 7 years he has been quiet, this time Emmerson Mnangagwa’s pastor has demanded his church member must hold clean polls.

Nehemiah Mutendi was once publicly mocked by Mnangagwa for leading a group of corpses who are election winners and must be wiped off the face of the earth for that reason, literally.

This time, speaking during a visit by Mnangagwa said,

“Christ’s peace means remaining calm in spite of all troubles.”
He continued saying-
“I have summoned government officials and their leaders on this day as we are commemorating the day of the man of peace (Samuel). We are here to pray for the coming general elections. We have the upcoming general elections. There are many people who are going to participate in that race. We, as the ZCC, are also in a race to a heavenly State House. In that election race, we pray that you play your game, as a clean game or race.

“We have summoned you to join us to pray for the 2023 elections to be peaceful. Despite the economic challenges the country is facing, we still see that a lot is being done to improve people’s lives. We are happy and we see the road rehabilitation programmes that government is undertaking, and the dams being built.”

Mutendi said citizens “had lost hope” owing to the deteriorating economic situation, while emphasising the need for government to maintain peace in the country.

He said land should not be preserved by swords and guns, as he denounced violence

“We have our father who fought for Zimbabwe, but did not have a chance to see a free Zimbabwe. A majority of the ZCC congregants depend on the land. They are excited to hear about people who can help us on how to use the land,” Mutendi said.

“ZCC members know that land is a gift from God. It must be preserved, not only with swords and guns. Some are holding guns, but we are holding the Bible. We have some who have lost hope. The church is the only source of hope … We appreciate the State House’s open door policy. We appreciate your willingness to invite churches and bring people together and your willingness to set aside State duties to come and listen to the word of God.”