VP Karenyi-Kore Takes Mugwazo To Namibia
26 September 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|CCC vice president, Lynette Karenyi-Kore took the party’s mobilization programme popularly known as Mugwazo to Namibia at the weekend.

Mugwazo is a vibrant mobilization exercise that seeks to encourage citizens to register to vote in numbers.

Below is CCC Namibia statement on vice president Karenyi-Kore’s visit to that country…

Citizens Coalition For Change Interim Vice President Lynette Karenyi Kore takes ‘Mugwazo’ to Namibia

26 September 2022

Change champions in Namibia were quite exhilarated to meet their vibrant and diligent interim Vice President Lynette Karenyi Kore on Sunday. Citizens who reside in Windhoek, Northern, and Rundu converged at Katutura Youth Centre to hear an inspiring and mouth-watering revolutionary message. The message was very clear! Change champions were encouraged to go and register to vote, vote in 2023, and defend the vote against rigging.

The enthusiastic crowd was advised to partner with their rural constituencies ahead of the 2023 general elections. Since voting is part of independence, citizens were reminded to voice up through voting. Champion Kore went on to urge citizens in the diaspora to give moral, material, and financial support to the foot soldiers on the ground. Mobilization, recruitment, and radicalization of citizens in the diaspora remained key in her address. Change champions expressed their great zeal to win Zimbabwe for change. Voting big and winning big was the only panacea for socio-economic transfiguration in the motherland.

Residents in Namibia vowed to embrace participatory democracy. They guaranteed their commitment and dedication to the change that delivers. Change champions exhibited their unwavering support for the movement led by the organic leader, President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Namibia district has already set the ball swiveling since they committed to offering material and financial support to Uzumba. It’s key to assisting our change champions to register to vote and participate in the national discourse. Citizens were quick to disclose that it was not their choice to cross two borders in search of bread and butter.

Change champions are now tired of selling brooms and cockroach poison in the streets of Namibia hence the dire need to fight tooth-to-nail until democracy is delivered to our doorsteps. All Zimbabweans in the diaspora deserted the motherland because of gross misgovernance, senseless and bare-faced corruption as well as high levels of unemployment. Citizens are scratching their heads for a single nutritious meal per day. As both political and economic refugees, residents are committed to working with those on the ground-from family, friends, and the generality of the community to usher in a complete change in Zimbabwe.

Social Democrats in Namibia assured the provisional Vice President that they are ready to surrender themselves before they surrender the national democratic project. Citizens also condemned the continued incarceration of Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala, Godfrey Sithole and the Nyatsime 14. Spending more than 100 days languishing in the hell-hole of Chikurubi Maximum Prison for demanding justice for Moreblessing Ali is unacceptable and unconstitutional. Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia demands the immediate release of innocent change seekers.

It was also sad to note the perpetual state-sponsored violence in Masvingo, Gutu Mpandawana. Councilor Benard Chimwango and Langton Guvava were severely assaulted during Mugwazo in Gutu. Reports are clear that the same ZANU-PF thugs who butchered our change champion Nyasha Zhambe last year continue to terrorize our people with impunity.May his dear soul rest in power. It is one’s democratic right to participate in Mugwazo, the political freedoms are enshrined in the constitution of 2013. It is now imperative to defend our membership from these marauding ZANU-PF thugs. Defending ourselves from terror should never be mistaken for violence.

Citizens in Namibia shall continue to embrace mugwazo as a sure and effective way of recruiting and mobilizing voters for change in 2023. Champion Kore emphasized the desire to take part in the national processes regardless of geographical location. Change champions expressed their worry about possible rigging by ZANUPF in 2023 but the Vp assured the citizens that the people’s party shall ensure that it has polling agents all over the breadth and length of Zimbabwe. She reiterated that the party polling agents should have the varlour, nerve, and mettle to defend the vote.

The party is committed to deploying sober-minded change champions ready to lose their last drop of sweat and blood defending the voice of the people. She made it clear that change champions should not give any room for the manipulation of the vote by the ZANU-PF election fraudsters. Citizens were encouraged to sacrifice for the party not to target payment for protecting the vote as party agents. Change champions should embrace dangerous freedom against peaceful slavery to win Zimbabwe for change. Those who want to work for remuneration have no place in our polling stations.









Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Change Champion
Robson Ruhanya