Storm Over Passion Java’s Slay Queen Slur
9 October 2022
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By A Correspondent- Pastors are usually people who preach to people about having to have morals and values and also encourage their congregation about the importance of marriage and why it is valuable to God.

But it seems like different pastors interpret the Bible in different ways. While others preach that being unfaithful in a marriage is wrong, another pastor says another thing. 

New Age pastors seem to be encouraging that being unfaithful in a marriage is good because it strengthens the marriage.

Passion Java, a prophet from Zimbabwe, claims that God has called these kinds of women and that they are essential to society.

Many individuals were shocked by the contentious prophet when he made a speech.

He asserts that being a slay queen is a calling from God and that they are essential to preventing marriages from disintegrating.

The affluent and contentious pastor backed up his claim with passages from the Bible, citing examples like King Solomon’s 700 wives.

He added that some men who call themselves men of God actually know less about God than slay queens. Infertility in couples was explicitly encouraged by the prophet rather than condemned.

He claimed that many marriages would have broken up if it weren’t for slay queens.

This wealthy prophet from Zimbabwe appears to have a crush on slay queens while preaching this to his followers.

The preacher is well known for once making the social media rounds after spending 1 million at a well-known South African restaurant.