Stop Violence, Emmerson Mnangagwa Warned
26 November 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|CCC youth leader Stephen Sarkozy Chuma has said the Zanu PF leader Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa does not have the capacity to turn things around.

According to Chuma, Mnangagwa is part of the Zanu PF excess baggage that will be offloaded in 2023.

The fearless CCC youth leader challenged Mr Mnangagwa to end political violence.

“ZANU PF has already crossed the Rubicon in every facet of our lives. We can’t allow them to continue violence in countryside. This is time for a citizens response. It’s time to fight back! Let’s stop this madness! Resist, resist and more resistance.

We are not apologetic in supporting @nelsonchamisa’s Presidential bid in 2023. An 80 year old who was part of the plunder for the last 42yrs has no solutions to our challenges as a digital generation. Go for swagger, Vote for Change, Vote the New! Ngaapinde,” Chuma said in a statement on Thursday.