Sniper Storm Is DNA Guilty
6 February 2023
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Artiste Chipo Muchegwa says her relationship with musician Sniper Storm, the father of her three-year-old daughter is cordial.

child support mum… Chipo Muchengwa

The two had a widely publicised child support tiff after the popular dancehall artiste; born Donald Chirisa, was accused of neglecting the child he sired with Muchegwa.

Sniper Storm was then reported to be not sending anything towards the child’s upkeep.

Muchegwa, who is living with a disability, was reported to have almost turned into a beggar in a bid to fend for her child who had been neglected by her Love YemuSoja father.

Speaking in a radio interview recently, Muchegwa said she was now fine with Sniper Storm.

“With Sniper Storm we met through music and dated for five years. We are no longer together and we don’t talk much, but we are okay and he is taking care of his daughter,” she said.

Sniper Storm then told the media that the matter was a personal issue between himself and Muchegwa.

“I am a very responsible father and have always left the door open for her to discuss with me anything concerning the child, but she chose to go public with it,” he said.

“I will make sure my child receives all the support she desires.”

Later speaking on a radio interview, Sniper Storm, who is married, blamed Covid-19 for failing to provide for his daughter.

“There was a period that support, financial support didn’t reach her and there was also a breakdown of communication,” he said.

“I have been supporting my child since Chipo was pregnant till this moment.

“Unfortunately, there was a time when I was diagnosed of Covid-19, me and my whole family — my wife, children and our maid were affected and we had to self-isolate in the house.

“That period also gigs were banned and I couldn’t work, it was a very hard time that also saw me struggling even at home, this led to the issue.”

Muchegwa who is working closely with fellow artist Terry Gee revealed that they are planning a double launch of their respective albums.

“I met with Terry at Jairos Jiri and we then did a collaboration not knowing that our song would be successful,” she said.

“This led us into doing another song which is also doing very well.”

“We are working on different albums that we will hold a double launch event, we are doing well as a duo and our relationship is purely professional contrary to what love rumours that people are spreading.” —Standard