Zim-White Comedian Duped By Local Bank
6 February 2023
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By-A famous local white comedian known as Cody, the Rank Mashall, is accusing a local indigenous bank of flouting intellectual copyrights.

The comedian posted on his social media platforms that Nedbank Zimbabwe was using his images on platforms they did not legally agree.

Below is what Cody posted on his Facebook page:

So I did this campaign with NedBank in 2021, duration was for one month, image and licensing rights, now in 2023, there are billboards around the country erected by NedBank with my face/images on them, yet my contract has since elapsed, it was also for one month and for social media use only, which to the best of my knowledge billboards are exclusive of social media and billboards where not even on our initial contract, please may you enlighten me Nedbank Zimbabwe