Fresh From Prison, Mai Titi Starts Another Ponzi Scheme
15 March 2023
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By Showbiz Reporter | Following her USD100,000 ponzi scam, the arrested sociallite, Mai Titi has opened a new advertisement for a new group of investors to pay in deposits for shops in building complex that’s in the CBD.


Felistas Murata is currently under prosecution, bailed till the 20th April over another scam involving a car she misrepresented as if its hers and obtained a loan over it.

At one time, she made people pay for 2 in 1 blankets which do not exist.

She also advertised bales of clothes which were never delivered after payment.She has a long history of violence, and calling for full glare bloodshed against political opponents in the country.

She has a long history of violence, hiring gangsters to assault people
she disagrees with, including asking the govt for a law to get critics “hacked” down by police while they are commenting on the Facebook website.