LEAKED AUDIO- Chiyangwa Accuses Another Of His Own Kids Of Theft
20 April 2023
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By A Correspondent | Businessman and ZANU PF MP Phillip Chiyangwa has released an audio of him accusing another of his own children of theft.

Edmund becomes the third to be accused by the dad of property theft.

The “Apa Hauna Cash” sociallite who’s the founder of the black empowerment, Affirmative Action cult, is heard screaming at his son, “You’ve never contributed to this wealth… otherwise there is a war that’s coming on you today.”

Chiyangwa even uses uprintable insults on his son who pleads with him saying, ‘please stop cursing me. ‘

Chiyangwa does not relent, and continues to accuse his son of fraud. Why did you steal my property?, Fidza, as he is affectionately known asks.

“You are the one who groomed me!,” replies Edmund.

Towards the end, Chiyangwa says his son should have gone to South Africa and disappeared there.